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Tehnikon Group
Antoniou Christos - Natural Gas Maintenance - Heating Installations - Heat Pump Installations - Plumbing & Drainage Installations - Renovations of Apartments & Shops - Thessaloniki

Tehnikon Group, a company founded in 2005 by Antonio Christou and headquartered in Thessaloniki, is a pioneer in maintenance and installation services. The company specializes in many areas, offering high quality services to individuals, professionals, mechanical engineers, civil engineers and contractors.



  • Maintenance - Natural Gas Boiler Breakdowns: Tehnikon Group stands out for its expertise in the field of maintenance and repairs of natural gas boilers. The company's technicians are experienced and qualified to respond to every need.
  • Heating and Heat Pump Installations: Tehnikon Group provides comprehensive installation services for heating and heat pump systems, ensuring efficient and economical operation.
  • Plumbing - Drainage Installations: Specializing in plumbing and drainage installations, the company ensures the proper functioning of plumbing and drainage systems.
  • Apartment - Shop Renovations: Tehnikon Group undertakes apartment and shop renovations with professionalism and attention to detail, offering its customers a renewed and functional country.
  • Coverage and Clientele: While our company is based in Thessaloniki, our activity extends throughout Northern Greece, covering regions as well as other regions of Greece. We communicate directly with individuals, professionals, mechanical engineers and contractors, offering specialized solutions for every need. With our excellent subject knowledge, we ensure consistency and efficiency in every job.

Values: At Tehnikon Group, we value the importance of reliability, professional ethics and customer service. We invest in the continuous training of our staff to stay up-to-date on the latest technologies and specifications.

At every stage of our work, we emphasize the quality of our services, ensuring the satisfaction of our customers. Our competitive prices and commitment to quality make Tehnikon Group the ideal choice for any project related to our fields of activity.

At Tehnikon Group, we offer more than simple services. We create solutions that meet your needs and expectations, making the experience of working with us enjoyable and efficient.

If you are looking for specialized services in the fields of maintenance, installations and renovations, Tehnikon Group is your reliable ally. Contact us to discuss your needs and provide you with customized solutions to meet every requirement.