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Heating and heat pump installations
Tehnikon Group Antoniou Christos - Natural Gas Maintenance - Plumbing & Sewage Installations - Renovations of Apartments & Shops - Thessaloniki


Tehnikon Group, is establishing itself as the preferred choice in Thessaloniki for high quality heating installation and heat pump services. With more than fifteen years of experience in the field, our company responds to the needs of its customers with specialized solutions and services adapted to the requirements of modern heating and energy efficiency.


  • Heating Installations: Tehnikon Group provides comprehensive installation services of heating systems for domestic and commercial spaces. Our skilled craftsmen ensure the efficient and economical operation of the heating system.
  • Heat Pump Installations: As pioneers in heat pump technology, Tehnikon Group offers specialized installation services that enable the efficient and environmentally friendly use of these modern systems.

Skilled Staff: The skilled staff of Tehnikon Group is the core of our success. Our engineers and craftsmen are dedicated to providing a high standard of service. Their continuous training ensures that they are up to date with the latest developments in technology and specifications.



At Tehnikon Group, quality, reliability and customer service are the principles that guide our action. We understand the importance of efficient heating and energy efficiency in modern society and offer solutions that combine our expertise with innovation.

Tehnikon Group is convinced that heating and heat pump installations should meet the specific needs of each customer. If you are looking for reliable, efficient and complete solutions, we are here to provide you with services that exceed your expectations.